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On a mission to talk to everyone about Blockchain.

Malaysia 1st NFT Virtual Art Festival

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22nd May seems to be an auspicious day. …

The Fundamentals

Symbol in many ways, has similarities with Polkadot.

Commonly, Polkadot is described as a heterogeneous multichain protocol, even non-blockchain systems or data structures can become a parachain if they fulfill a set of criteria.

Let’s look at some distinct similarities and differences between Polkadot and Symbol.

Relay Chain vs. Mainnet

Polkadot uses the relay…

The Psychology Behind It

What you can do with US$70 million? You can buy Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s California house at The Hidden Hills, or a Bombardier Global Express, or adopt 7 million trees a year. Maybe you can consider buying digital art over the blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are making it into…

The Conclusion

Is there a panacea for all the blockchain headaches we have?

In the previous 6 articles, I have been comparing the features of Ethereum and Symbol side by side, and I am just scratching the surface. To recap:

  1. Part 1: Talked about their beginnings and their trajectories, briefly.
  2. Part 2


You are one of many; you are one of a kind. You bear the common features of humankind, yet you are the one and only. You are non-fungible.

Blockchain allows parties to exchange assets without an intermediary. Sometimes, we exchange something fungible, like monies of different denominations. Sometimes, we exchange…

ERC-20 and Mosaic

When we talk about tokenization in the physical world, we want to make something intangible tangible. For example, a “token of appreciation” is how we make the intangible “appreciation” tangible through representing it with a gift. While in the digital or virtual world, when we talk about tokenization, we want…

So, with all those choices around, what should you and I do to contribute to the networks?

Nodes are like the cells of your body. You are made up of cells but a single cell alone does not define you. You are not an amoeba. Neither is a blockchain. Your body comprises of different types of cells, blockchain has different types of nodes. …

While Ethereum smart contract is like Play-Doh, Symbol plugins are like Lego.

Contrary to what most people are advocating, I believe comparison brings out the best in both parties. It is a matter of perspective.

What is Ethereum Smart Contracts?

The Parent, the Child, the Uncle, the Nephew, the GRANDPA, and the GHOST.

Though might be considered an extended family member to one another, they are under the big Blockchain family after all.

The Parent and the Child

Let’s imagine a blockchain is a family tree of the generations of a species, called the “block”. What each block carry with them is the…

Ivy Fung

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