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Symbol and Tezos Blockchains

Chips to the Brits, are fries to the Americans; they are the same, with slight differences. Symbol harvests and Tezos bakes; they are both using the Proof-of-Stake protocol with twists.

Symbol’s PoS+

Symbol is the second generation of NIS1 (NEM Infrastructure System 1). It has been using proof-of-stake, with some variations, since…

Symbol in many ways, has similarities with Polkadot.

Commonly, Polkadot is described as a heterogeneous multichain protocol, even non-blockchain systems or data structures can become a parachain if they fulfill a set of criteria.

Let’s look at some distinct similarities and differences between Polkadot and Symbol.

Relay Chain vs. Mainnet

Polkadot uses the relay…

Ivy Fung

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