Honey, I minted an NFT!

Chapter 9: Energy-Efficient Blockchain Alternative

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Recap: Amy and Zack learned about Satoshi Nakamoto and the revolutionary blockchain technology that allows transferring value through the internet without an intermediary involved.

“Hi, Amy! Congratulations on your recent big win,” Jessica exclaimed with ecstasy as Amy appeared on the call. “I read about your recent exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong. I’m so thrilled for you.”

Renderings of the Tezos exhibition at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2021 (Photo credit: Huge)

Amy was practically jumping in front of the screen. “Oh, thank you, Jessica. I still can’t believe it happened. I’m not over it yet. This isn’t my first exhibition, nor my first Art Basel, but it was the most exhilarating one for me because I participated as an NFT artist. I hope I can attend in person next time. But, you know what?” Amy paused momentarily and settled herself by taking a seat. “There’s a strong possibility that I’ll be joining Art Basel Miami at the end of the year!”

“Wow, that’s fantastic news! You’ve achieved so much in just a few months, Amy. You even have Mike Shinoda as your NFT collector. I’m incredibly proud of you,” Jessica affirmed.

“Jess, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon NFTs or embarked on this journey. You’re the one who introduced me to this wonderful community of NFT artists. When Ethereum’s gas fees became exorbitant, I was on the verge of giving up, as my work wasn’t gaining any traction. Collectors were discouraged due to the high gas fees. Fortunately, you introduced me to Tezos,” Amy explained.

“They’re an amazing community, and Tezos is highly supportive of its members. The process of creating art doesn’t have to be solitary,” Jessica stated. “I’m thrilled that you feel like you belong to the community.”

“You’ve achieved a lot yourself, landing a spot on Tatler Asia’s Most Influential list. I hope I get the chance to be interviewed by a prominent magazine like you one day,” Amy expressed.

“You will,” Jessica assured her. “Hey, why don’t we collaborate? That could be a lot of fun!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Amy’s hands moved up and down in excitement. “Tell me how we can make that happen.”

“Have you heard of taia.art? It’s another NFT marketplace on Tezos. They offer a feature that can split NFT sales between two different wallets. So, we could create artwork together, mint it as an NFT on taia.art, and when it’s sold, the proceeds will be automatically divided,” Jessica elaborated.

“That sounds great. What should we create? What theme should it have? When should we start?” Amy bombarded Jessica with questions.

Jessica chuckled. She knew Amy well — someone who was impatient and always had a multitude of questions. “You’re already so excited. I’ve been experimenting with songwriting lately. I can compose some melodies for your artwork and turn them into short clips. We could create a series to tell a story.”

“That’s a fantastic idea, Jess! I love it. So, you’re a songwriter now?” Amy inquired.

“I haven’t written an entire song yet. I’ve just been playing around with a songwriting app,” Jessica admitted. “Remember when I told you I was in my school’s brass band? That’s when I developed a fondness for music. There have been tunes playing in my head for years, so I thought I might as well share them with others.”

“Let’s do it! How should we get started?” Amy asked.

“I don’t have a concrete idea yet. Let’s brainstorm over the weekend. My mind isn’t functioning at its best after a long day,” Jessica apologized. “By the way, how’s Zack doing?”

“He went for his usual morning jog. I’ve never been a fan of jogging, but he enjoys having his own time,” Amy chuckled. “He did mention how he started trading crypto after his call with you. You’re our crypto guru!”

“Nah, I’m just sharing my experiences and the bit I know, nowhere near being a guru. I’m glad he’s doing well. After all, he’s an auditor who’s been trading in stocks and forex. Crypto trading isn’t a challenge for him,” Jessica added. “I, on the other hand, am not a great trader. Even a slight drop in crypto prices sends my emotions skyrocketing. Not the best for my heart,” Jessica laughed at herself.

Jessica fell into deep thought. “It’s been quite a journey since I first learned about Bitcoin five years ago. From skepticism to embracing the technology, and now making a living advocating for it. I’m thankful for the people who’ve been with me along the way.”

“You’ve helped so many people too, like Zack and me. Good karma will definitely come your way,” Amy assured her.

“Hey, Amy, I’ll have to hop off the call soon. I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Let’s catch up again early next week to discuss our project, alright?” Jessica said, looking visibly more tired than usual.

“Sure thing. Rest up! We’ll sync up next week. Bye,” Amy said.

“Send my regards to Zack. Enjoy your weekend,” Jessica waved and ended the call.

Zack walked through the door, returning from his morning jog.

“You just missed Jessica. We’re going to collaborate on an NFT project. I’m so excited,” Amy exclaimed, bouncing over to Zack and embracing him like a koala clinging to a tree.

“Now you’ll need to shower too, or you’ll smell like me,” Zack, tall as a tree, teased.

To be continued …

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The events in this chapter are based on real-life occurrences that happened to Munira Hamzah (Mumu_the_Stan). However, timelines have been adjusted to fit the storyline. Mumu was interviewed.

The timeline of the story is set before The Merge. As this is a story and stories record history.



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